Charles and Waneta Whitham both grew up in Scott County, Kansas where, after high school, Charles attended the University of Kansas and Waneta, Kansas State University. Upon graduation and a wedding two days later, Charles reported for his assignment to the United States Air Force where he served as a pilot. After 10 years of service, they moved to Leoti, KS and a few years later acquired Western Seed and Supply. The company’s business was buying from local farmers and processing pinto beans for sale to domestic canning companies as well as exports to Mexico. The company grew to several locations and began many other ventures including a retail fertilizer/chemical business and operating a small private feed yard. While Western Seed and Supply was the start, they enjoyed buying, selling, developing, and trading farm ground throughout Wichita County and eastern Colorado. Over a span of 60 years, the result of their effort and determination is what stands today as C&W Farms, founded in 1962 by Charles and Waneta Whitham. Our family would like to say thank you for your interest and participation in the land sale and best wishes to you all.

The C&W farmland portfolio is comprised of 6,693 acres m/l and will be offered in 13 tracts ranging from 3.5 acres m/l to 1,590 acres m/l via the multi-parcel auction method where tracts can be purchased individually or any combination. These tracts will sell “absolute” to the highest bidder. The property consists of approximately 6,256.99 FSA cropland acres which makes this portfolio nearly 98% tillable, a very high percentage for western Kansas farmland. Predominate soil types including the highly productive Richfield silt loam and Ulysses silt loam. Over the years, Charles & Waneta developed an extensive irrigation infrastructure system to optimize water and maximize yields. With great infrastructure and soils, this farming operation has consistently produced yields well above the county averages. Conservation practices have been actively applied to the Farm including the use of cover crops to increase soil tilth and reduce erosion. In addition to the farming opportunities, this portfolio is located in an area well known for pheasant and deer hunting. Additional recreational opportunities and hunting lease income may be available on these properties. C&W farms includes a grain storage facility located on Tract 12 and an equipment storage shed on Tract 13. This farmland portfolio is located near Leoti, KS with quick access to multiple grain marketing options including co-ops, ethanol plants, cattle feedlots and dairies.

Tract 1: 1590 Acres M/L

Tract 2: 615 Acres M/L

Tract 3: 550 Acres M/L

Tract 4: 320 Acres M/L

Tract 5: 800 Acres M/L

Tract 6: 240 Acres M/L

Tract 7: 885 Acres M/L

Tract 8: 480 Acres M/L

Tract 9: 245 Acres M/L

Tract 10: 160 Acres M/L

Tract 11: 480 Acres M/L

Tract 12: 4.5 Acres M/L

Tract 13: 3.5 Acres M/L

Tract 14: 320 Acres M/L

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